mawthook (mawthook) wrote in c_w_christ,

Playing God

I received an email today about a woman who was diagnosed with cancer but was having to wait 3 months to see a specialist. It was a petition to the government to do something about the waiting times for doctors’ appointments, treatments, and diagnostics. I signed it and forwarded it to friends and family but one line in the email grabbed my attention. It is a statement we hear a lot and I never really thought about it before. The statement was “How long do we wait, dying, while the government plays God with our lives?” Do we really believe that the government is playing God with our lives? Think about it for a minute… The government is playing God with our lives when they don’t do something to improve the medical system in our country. As a matter of fact, each and every time I hear this phrase used it is in a negative context. Is it any less “playing God” when the doctors appointment is made, the diagnostic tests are completed, the treatment is done and the life is saved? I say it is more a matter of playing God in the later circumstances than the former. God gives life and he takes it. When the government stands by and does nothing to improve the mess in the medical system in this country it is still God who takes that life. Man’s feeble attempt to prolong life (or suffering) via the medical system is a blatant impersonation of God. The chewing of the ancient fruit (the knowledge of good and evil). It is not good that man should die of cancer even though the existence of cancer is a product of the natural process of things set in motion when Adam and Eve fell to sin. So let us join together, all of the world, and sidestep barriers such as distance, cultures and let’s not forget language so that we can all work as one to find a cure (or a drug, or an answer, or an understanding, or a new universe, or a star) even though God’s plan at the Tower of Babel was that we not do that exact thing. Is what we live today not the product of man playing God all these thousands of years by deciding what is good and what is evil?
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